Free dance therapy
The project consists of a free and open to participation group dance practice. Meetings are held weekly at the Stone Bridge Residence.
Project time:
from October 2020.
Project duration:
11 months.
List of total costs for the entire duration of the project:
5280 euros.
List of participants with a brief description of their role within the project:
Dance teacher and practice organizer: Mokhsira Shamakhmudova.
Explanation of the reasons and necessity for the project:
Many people lack space and opportunities for emancipation, bodily and psychological.
Harmonization of feelings through bodily practices, available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation, leads to an increase in the stability and well-being of a person in society. This project aims to provide such an opportunity.
Step-by-step description of the project process:
Every Saturday, for three hours, Mohsira conducts bodily practices with the project participants in the form of dances and meditations, involving psychological processes. In most practices, Mohsira explains the meanings of various bodily movements, and conducts psychological work with the participants.
Often, after the practice, the participants gather for joint communication, or for conducting wellness procedures.
Outcome of the project:
Project participants report a calmer and more constructive state after the practice, about a safe and creative environment during the project. Weekly practice allows you to be in a more harmonious state during the week, stay in contact with the body, and more calmly engage in everyday life.
The success of the project is evidenced by the fact that the participants bring their friends and acquaintances, the number of participants is growing.