Free psychological help during a lockdown
During the lockdown caused by the epidemic, many faced psychological issues from which they were previously distracted by work and daily social activities.
In this situation, Felix Schmidel and Olga Lyubalina, psychotherapists, with the help of the Foundation, opened a line of free psychological help. Online and live.
Project time:
from September 2020
Project duration:
12 months (1 year)
List of total costs for the entire duration of the project:
12,000 euros
List of participants with a brief description of their role within the project:
Felix Schmidel, psychotherapist, philosopher.

Olga Lyubalina, clinical psychologist.

Explanation of the reasons and the need for the project:
An acute need among people to receive psychological support during a lockdown, and a situation of general uncertainty.
Step-by-step description of the project process:
A person in need of psychological support contacts our psychotherapists via mail, social networks, or by phone - and arranges a session to be conducted online or live.
A session lasts from an hour to two, and the patient is invited to repeat sessions until the problem with which the patient came is finally resolved. There is no charge for psychological assistance from the patient.
Outcome of the project:
Felix Schmidel: 23 people worked, 50 hours in total.

Olga Lyubalina: work with 32 people was carried out, only 63 hours of work