Why 'Exodus'
“Slave yesterday, freeman today."

The term Exodus is often referred to the departure of Jewish people from Egypt and religious mythology.

The reason behind Exodus was the consensus between Jews-slaves on their unwillingness to live under pharaoh's rule but to live in freedom, limited by their own will.

Exodus talks of overcoming the formed social habits in pursuit of a common desired future. Through co-thought to co-action, since the best way to predict the future is to start creating it.
The unprecedented challenges facing modern civilization require rethinking the foundations of our social structure — through finding new ways to achieve the common goal of all, in pursuit of prosperity in peace and harmony.

Exodus, as applied to the present time, is the realization that hierarchy is not the only way to organize society. The tasks of social design (and this is what all the social institutions that make up the modern state were created for) can be solved in a qualitatively different way: in decentralized models of consent.
All this has become possible now, thanks to modern communications and technologies, which existed never before in the history of mankind.
What yesterday was considered an utopia has today become a technical problem. The solution of such is self-organization into a new, qualitatively different form of interaction, based on mutual agreement and common sense.

Andrei Lubalin
The Act on the Establishment of the NGO Charitable Foundation EXODUS was adopted on December 18, 2019.
The foundation was registered as an NGO in the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro by Decision no. UP I 01-056 / 20-219. Responsible person: Petar Ćuković, president of the foundation.
st. Velimira Terzića 9. Podrogica, Montenegro